Terms & Conditions



vdcstore.com provides 100% source code the product which we sell into the website with 100% ethically where customer can use on his store effectively.

Vdcstore.com provides support only for default magento version only, we can’t cover customized store support for our extension products in Magento.
Vdcstore.com is not responsible if something changed in the code of the product, we will give you free support for each product may vary as per written on product details.

Vdcstore.com will give you paid support only, once your free support period completed. It won’t extend support period at all.


VDCstore.com provides money back until 10 days from the date of purchase of any product via Payment method.

It would be debit any charges apply to bank or PayPal or Payment Provider and give you refund accordingly.

A Customer has to delete our product from his production server, demo server where ever he has installed and given us confirmation on email then we can process to refund.

If any customer ask for refunds after 10 days from the date of place order then it would be denied request.



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