Lite Magento 2 One Page Checkout

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Get To Know How One Step Checkout Works For Your Online Store

  • Making check-out process 40% faster

    One-step checkout is powered by Knockout.JS that accelerates the Magento 2 store checkout process by 40%.

  • Responsive Checkout

    It's 100% responsive checkout, it's camptibile with all the devices. It loads faster in your small devices without any bugs or errors.

  • Review the shopping Cart

    One-step checkout extension enable the customers to view their shopping cart on the checkout page itself, hence easy to see and edit the cart or enter the required information on the same page. When the customer edits the cart quantity, the total is auto-refreshed.

  • Conveniently Customized

    Display all required checkout steps on a single page. You have the liberty to choose either a 2 or 3 column layout depending upon which suits you the best. Title and description can be added to the page along with providing any additional information to the customers regarding shipping, handling charges, etc.

  • Keep note of the Checkout fields

    Select the checkout fields for your Magento 2 store and disable the one not required. Make the checkout process short and streamlined.

  • Review Order Total Amount

    Entire order total is displayed along with details like- subtotal, shipping charges, gift wrap charges (if selected), handling charges, discount amount, taxes, etc. This section gets automatically updated everytime the user makes any change in order.

  • Expertise Tech Support

    Every One-step checkout extension is fully supported by our in-house trained professionals that care of every pre-sales query to technical after sales support. They would help you understand the few features completely in no time.

  • Experts at Development

    We ensure complete coding, detailed testing and maintenance with regular product updates which is highly important for the ecommerce industry.

  • Compatibility with other Magento Extensions

    One-step checkout extensions Magento 2 is even compatible with other Magento extensions as well making it a flexible and user-friendly feature.

Exclusive features of One-Step Checkout Extension for Magento 2 stores by VDC

  • After addition of products to the shopping cart, the customers would be redirected to the checkout automatically.
  • Faster and easier payment procedure supported by advanced technologies.
  • Responsive on various smartphones and other mobile devices during checkout process.
  • Enable the customers to add or cancel the coupon code or gif voucher at the time of checkout.
  • Customers get the privilege to select the preferred delivery time of product at the time of order placement.
  • In one step checkout, entire order information can be seen.
  • When the checkout information is updated, it gets automatically updated in one step checkout process.

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