69.23% – is an average, documented online shopping cart abandonment rate.”

One page checkout increases conversion rate up to 10%.”

Magento has changed the contour of shopping style and habits. By delivering envisaged picture of internet store in reality, Magento 2 has captured minds of millions of people. And number is only increasing day by day of those who purchase via ecommerce websites.

However, buying online is not free from impediments. Hosting a Magento based portal is good. But it does not guarantee increase in sales. For that purpose, Magento based web marketplace has to have rich graphics and projected features which can appeal and create trust altogether. One important functionality that all Magento web store owners need to consider to stay above bottom line is seamless Magento 2 one page checkout.

How need of Magento / Magento 2 checkout customization arises

Although Magento comes with pre-built shopping cart facility, it is packed with lengthy or multi-page forms filling procedure which is annoying for visitors. As an internet merchant, you ought to fix user experience problems on your website. By installing a discreet Magento 2 single page checkout extension, you essentially close “leaking” of money by allowing customers to modify all preferences of purchase in single web page or screen.  

Features of VDC’s Single Page Checkout Extension for Magento 2

  • Integrated checkout with shopping cart
  • Customized checkout page design options available
  • Elaborately display checkout fields of choice, hide unnecessary
  • Automatically discovers customer geolocation
  • Set default values and drop down lists to speed up checkout process

No doubt that a short and mobile-responsive checkout page greatly enhances customers' satisfaction. Thus, simple improvements on top of basic shopping cart shall make it less time-consuming procedure to buy from your website.


To conclude, single page purchase facility is the most effective technical change on website. It simplifies and converts overwhelming number of steps to buy into minimal-yet-perfect form.   


Let Me Tell You

  1. Its page loading time is very less
  2. There are no hidden costs
  3. It is easy to configure
  4. Start within minutes


To book a demo, you can drop us an email at info@vihadigitalcommerce.com

Branded Look

You can adjust

  • color and button
  • font &
  • image size

of checkout pages in accordance with your website theme so that it looks consistent or in align with other webpages.

With all of these features, VDC one step checkout magento extension proves as a great sales tool for any small or medium size businesses, it is ROI, not a wastage of money. It is cost-effective and useful.

VDC is India based top software development company that offers expert installation, customization and optimization of Magento.

VDC works with a broad range of businesses including small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits or B2B/B2C channels. Using Magento platform, we bring equally good ecommerce website features that can power any domain or shop to serve the purpose.
VDC provides website services for multiple industries:

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